José Antonio Ibeas López

Doctor of Medicine (Ph.D.). Master’s Degree in Evidence-based Medicine. Postgraduate in Big Data Processing and Artificial Intelligence for Life Sciences. Currently Master Consultant at the Nephrology Department and Director of the Clinical, Interventional and Computational Nephrology Group (CICN) of the Research and Innovation Institute of the Parc Taulí University Hospital (www.tauli.cat/cicn). Co-Director of the Mixed Unit CICN – School of Engineering of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Coordinator of the Vascular Access Program of the Parc Taulí University Hospital (www.tauli.cat/vap). Great deal of experience in Chronic Kidney Disease and Vascular Access in the field of care, teaching, research and innovation, with more than 500 communications and lectures at national and international congresses and several national and international publications, the direction of several Doctoral Theses; and recipient of 13 awards. Member of the Clinical Research Ethics Committee of the Hospital Universitari Parc Taulí. Secretary and Coordinator-Elect of the Artificial Intelligence working group of the Spanish Society of Nephrology. Co-Director of the Master in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Health of Parc Taulí University Hospital & School of Engineering of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (www.tauli.cat/ias). Director of Program for Promotion & Development of Artificial Intelligence in Catalan Health System (https://iasalut.cat/en/). President of the Spanish Multidisciplinary Group on Vascular Access (GEMAV) (https://gemav.org). Past-President of the Vascular Access Society (VAS) (https://www.vascularaccesssociety.com). Past-member of the council of the International Committee of the American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology. Secretary of the Vascular Access Working Group of the Spanish Society of Nephrology. Member of the Vascular Access Working Group of the Catalan Society of Nephrology. Council of the Interventional Nephrology working group of the Spanish Society of Nephrology. Chair of the Work Group for the Clinical Guidelines on Vascular Access of the GEMAV, member of the European Vascular Access Guidelines Group of the ERA-EDTA and member of the Clinical Practice Guide on Chronic Renal Disease Group of the Spanish National Health System. The main area of current interest focuses on the study of biomarkers in advanced renal failure and hemodialysis, emphasizing those related to inflammation, immunity, early biomarkers of infection, bioimpedance and in particular to vascular access and on the other hand Artificial Intelligence. In vascular access field, most of the activity is around interventional nephrology. Highlighting the systems of monitoring and treatment of diseases related both the catheter and the native and prosthetic vascular access. And, particularly, the introduction of Doppler ultrasound in the dialysis unit by the nephrologist in the protocols of vascular access monitoring of multidisciplinary basis. Respect basic/translational investigations the main area of interest are intima-media hyperplasia, inflammation biomarkers, infection, and ultrasound surveillance. Regarding Artificial Intelligence, the main lines are based on the generation of predictive models for mortality and disease progression in chronic kidney disease on the one hand, and diagnostic and predictive models for vascular access for hemodialysis on the other.
President in GEMAV and Director of the Health/AI Program
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